Journalism abuse : calling MPs rats and child molesters 1

You could expect the Liberal National Party to be angry about MP Peter Slipper ignoring party orders and becoming Speaker of the Australian parliament. His switch was an embarrassment for the aggressive opposition leader, Tony Abbott, who until then, was confident he could force a new election.

News Corp's digitally altered front page

But what of reporters at News Corporation dropping any pretense of objectivity and larding their reportage with  abuse worthy of a shock jock?

This week’s Sunday Mail, a Brisbane based News Corporation paper, carried the story, “How Labor lured Peter Slipper to Speaker’s chair in Federal Parliament” by Renee Viellaris, a senior writer. More…


Mates : mindless reporting on faceless men 1

Labor governments have been crippled by leaders appointed for their obedience to factions and state public services paralysed by generations of political appointments. The people selected to fill these highly paid and powerful positions are drawn from a shrinking Labor Party and its mates and relatives. More…