CV Reply

Alan Knight


Doctorate of Philosophy (Awarded 1998) University of Wollongong Thesis: Reporting South East Asia: Australian Foreign Correspondents

Bachelor of Arts (Awarded 1974) University of Queensland



2014 Emeritus Professor  CQU. Adjunct Professor  Griffith University.

Advisor : Notre Dame University, NSW Multicultural Commision.

2011 Head of the UTS Graduate School of Journalism2010  Head of Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney2006/2009 Professor QUT
2000/2005 President of Academic Board CQU
1998/2005 Chair Professor  of Journalism and Media Studies CQU1998 Head of School School of Contemporary Communications CQU

1997 Sabbatical, Hong Kong  1996 Senior lecturer. UTS 1996 and 1992 Director Australian Centre for Independent Journalism University of Technology Sydney  1995   Head of Department of Social Communication and Journalism Senior Lecturer 1990 – 1995 Lecturer in Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney. 1990-92 Presenter/Producer, “Resources”, ABC Radio National programme reporting on mining and energy matters. 1989-88 National Producer, “Australian Country Hour”, ABC Radio.  The programme, which deals with Primary Production and Trade, has more than a million listeners, tuning in to a network of more than 150 stations. 1986-88 Producer, “Australia Today”.  The programme was networked through Radio National in a daily half hour current affairs format. 1984-86 Executive Producer, News and Current Affairs, 2JJJ-FM. (JJJ is the ABC’s youth station) 1983-84 Current Affairs Producer, ABC Radio Darwin. 1983 Deputy Director, ALP National Headquarters, Media Unit, National election campaign. 1980-83 Labour movement Reporter, ABC Radio and Television News. 1980 Senior Reporter (state politics), Macquarie News Network.  Macquarie was at that time Australia’s top commercial news network. 1975-80 Labour movement Reporter, Australian Associated Press.  AAP is Australia’s national newsagency. 1973-75 Sub-editor, Queensland Newspapers. 1973 Brisbane Correspondent, Nation Review. Editor, Semper Floreat, University of Queensland.


Reporting Hong Kong: The Foreign press and the handover. Curzon Press/St Martins Press London/New York (Co-author: Yoshiko Nakano) 1999


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“The Big Picture: Impact of new technologies on the media scene” Invited international speaker. Arab Media Forum. Dubai. 23.04.08.
” Convergence : The intersection of citizen and mainstream journalists on the internet”. Keynote address.Convergence, Citizen Journalism and Social Change Conference, AMIC, Brisbane 26/28.03. 2008
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Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre (Singapore) Asian Studies Association (Australia). Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club National Tertiary Education Union (Australia) Journalism Education Association (Australia)
Media Alliance (Australia)


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