The media war with ISIS 1

TurkReviewModerate Muslims were losing the media war with ISIS, according to leading Turkish journalist, Kerim Balci.”Authentic” Muslims were losing to “radical so called Muslims” because of the obvious symbiosis between journalists and terrorists. “Ten thousand Muslims may be doing good things but it’s not reported,” he said. “One Muslim makes something bad and its headlines! ” The voice of extremism is always multiplied through world media!” Even Muslim media were guilty of this !



Reporting Disasters : journalism minders in Libya Reply

As the Libyan civil war hotted up, reporters crossed the border into danger, to get the story.

When they did so, Shaun Filer was there to try to keep them safe.

Some journalists believed that if you got one step closer to the fighting, the more chance you had of getting the big story, Filer said. “In many cases it was the photo journalists… who needed to get really close to get that image,” he said. “It’s not like text [reporting] or doing a piece to camera, the photo journalists needed to go forward”. While Filer was in Libya, a photo journalist was shot near the front lines. More…

Reporting Disasters : managing risk 2

Covering the unprecedented string of international disasters and political insurrections can be a decidedly risky business.

In the last few months, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation deployed journalists to report on  domestic floods and cyclones, the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya.

ABC Head of  International News, Steven Alward said the ABC had about twenty correspondents deployed overseas. The international events had “stretched resources”. More…

Combat vests and macho men (and women) Reply

Writing about foreign correspondents has got me into a fair bit of trouble at times. A couple of years ago, I was foolish enough to suggest that in the age of the internet, many of them were just blow ins, decked out in safari suits, delivering rehashed locals’ stories, as they were videoed in front of exotic locations.
Obviously, I was wrong.
Safari suits are rarely worn these days.
In fact the favoured attire more recently, was the combat photographer’s vest, which had lots of little pockets where one could stash passports, hangover cures, condoms and other paraphernalia required to explore the Orient. More…