Audience interaction with Twitter Reply

ABC journalists are being asked to  Unknownprovide Twitter handles so that their audiences can communicate directly with them.

The handles will be broadcast at the end of television stories. They are not intended to replace report indentifications at the beginning of television news packages.

ABC TV News Editor, Time Ayliffe said the move aimed to increase audience interaction.”It will also value add to reports”, he said.

Twitter addresses allowed instant audience feedback and journalists could distribute documents and links to other material relevant to the report. It also enabled reporters to extend their networks of contacts. “It will be up to program producers to decide whether or not it is relevant for a report to have a twitter strap” he said.

Ayliffe re-affirmed the ABC Policy on social media:

1. Do not mix the professional and the personal in ways likely to bring the ABC into disrepute.

2. Do not undermine your effectiveness at work.

3. Do not imply ABC endorsement of your personal views.

4. Do not disclose confidential information obtained through work.

Meanwhile,  the ABC’s federal election website is now live.oz

The ABC’s Director of News, Kate Torney said the site ( ) showcases the best of ABC election related content, including Antony Green’s electorate guides, the election calculator and a range of policy explainers.

The site was developed by the ABC’s News Online team and the News Parliament House bureau. “It highlights the depth of our journalistic work and reinforces the ABC as the leader in cross-platform political coverage,” Torney said.


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