Sleaze, Smear and Social Media Reply

Julia Gillard as depicted by Larry Pickering

Julia Gillard as depicted by Larry Pickering

The opposition attacks on Julia Gillard’s ethics were underpinned by an unprecedented underground online campaign prosecuted on social media.

The questions raised by the opposition’s Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop were foreshadowed in the Murdoch press which in turn was informed byblogs maintained by  right wing activists operating on the margins of the mainstream media. It happened beyond the rarified gaze of the press gallery, which itself has become a target for speculation and abuse. More…


Free Speech Reply

spigelBeing offensive should not be illegal, according to Jim Spigelman, the Chair of the ABC.

Mr Spigelman was giving the 2012 Human Rights Day Oration at the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 25th Human Rights Award Ceremony.

Laws restricting hate speech should aim to protect people’s dignity against assault, he said. But “declaring conduct, relevantly speech, to be unlawful, because it causes offence, goes too far.” More…