New Media Log Reply

dinosThe Online Journalism blog contains more than fifteen reports on online journalism, new media and the professional use of Twitter and Facebook. They include:

A very short history of journalists and computers

Computers were introduced into Australian journalism in the early seventies by Australian Associated Press (AAP), a news wholesaler owned by the major newspaper groups.

Editing before computers

International news came in on tele-printers, typed in capitals. Sub-editors cut  sentences into strips and glued them onto paper backing.

Outsourced editing

Networks of outsourced sub-editors, linked by computers, could  edit most newspapers.

How to tweet the News

Combined with good journalism fact checking, Twitter can help create an unprecedented network of sources providing global reach, diversity and credibility.

The twittering classes

Politicians’ news conferences, broadcast live, are dissected by running commentaries and analysis by a galaxy of often anonymous microbloggers. MSM (mainstream media)  journalists have been running to catch up.

Citizen journalism and social change

Citizen Journalism can flourish where mainstream journalists have been corrupted or censored by governments and corporations.

The limits of citizen journalism

Why were new media able to topple governments in Egypt and Tunisia, but sparked new waves of oppression in Syria and Iran?

The social media counter-revolution

Its wrong to think of free speech as an absolute which underpins democracy. Its really a contested event which ebbs and flows, even in stable western countries.

Journalists and social media

How do you find out how journalists are using social media? One way is to post a question on a social media site such as the Online Journalism group on Linkedin, which provides connections for professionals.

Social media and the floods

Social media were a mixed blessing  as authorities struggled to inform the public during the Queensland floods disaster.

Queensland police unleash a social media lynch mob

The Queensland Police social media strategy came seriously unstuck as  a wave of prejudicial comments resulting from its FaceBook site threatened the prosecution of an alleged child killer.


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