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How do you reveal the best journalism practices to the very best journalism students?

After establishing a coursework journalism Masters program two decades ago, UTS this year launches Australia’s first Graduate School of Journalism. The School aims to become Australia’s premiere journalism education provider by underpinning its successful post graduate journalism teaching with research on journalism by journalists.

The Australian Research Council has redefined research to include quality journalism, thereby allowing a research track record for reporters, editors and producers.

As a result, UTS has opened the doors of its PhD and research Masters program to Australia’s leading working journalists. It has created a stream of higher research degree candidates drawn from the top ranks of the industry; professionals who will be able to advance knowledge about journalism through research, teaching, and mentoring. They include:

Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson presents and produces the Australian Broadcasting Corporation programs, Saturday AM and Correspondents Report. She has extensive experience in current affairs radio and television, working as reporter for programs including the 730 Report and Landline.  In 2008, Elizabeth won the Donald McDonald Reuters Scholarship to Oxford University. She studied Freedom of Information law at Oxford. Elizabeth is currently investigating how newsroom culture shapes the news.

Peter Cronau

Peter Cronau is a senior producer at Four Corners, which celebrated half a century of investigative journalism last year. Peter Cronau worked for 10 years in the community sector before commencing his journalistic career in community radio in Sydney. As a freelance journalist, he has published in many of Australia’s major newspapers. Cronau obtained a Masters in journalism from UTS’s graduate journalism program in 1991, has lectured in journalism studies, and was Director of the ACIJ at UTS in 1995/6. In 1998, Peter started work as a researcher at ABC TV’s Four Corners, later working as a producer for Media Watch and a reporter for ABC Radio’s Background Briefing. He has won numerous journalism awards including the Gold Walkley in 2006. Peter is presently writing a book relating to human rights and journalism.

Le Tan Du

Le Tan Du is a lecturer in journalism at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh city. She has worked as a correspondent for Vietnam’s national television, and writes for the Saigon Business Interpreter weekly  newspaper. She has a Masters degree in Media Practice at Sydney University. She is investigating how the media covers immigration to Australia. 

Tuan Anh

Anh Tuan Vu is lecturer in the Online Journalism group, Faculty of Radio and Television at the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC), Hanoi, Vietnam. He has been working as a lecturer for almost 9 years teaching  Introduction to Online Journalism, Audio for web, Video for web, Online news, etc. He is also working part-time for Bay Vut- a Vietnamese online journalism of ABC Radio in Australia. Anh is researching social media to online journalism in Vietnam.

Karl Wilson has been a journalist for more than 35 years.  He began his career on the The Australian in 1972. In 1976 he was posted to London where he covered assignments in Northern Ireland, Europe and Africa. For the last 20 years Karl was based in Asia where he was foreign editor of the South China Morning Post, editor of the Sunday Standard, foreign editor of the Eastern Express and editor of The Standard in Hong Kong. From 2004 till August 2009 he was bureau chief in Manila for Agence France-Presse. Karl was the Philippines correspondent for The National in Abu Dhabi up until the end of 2010 when he relocated back to Australia. For the past 12 months he have been a senior correspondent for the China Daily Asia Weekly covering Australia and Southeast Asia. Karl  will investigate how free speech in the Philippines is compromised by violence against journalists.

Greg Wilesmith

Greg Wilesmith is one of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s most experienced foreign correspondents. As one of the ABC’s Europe Correspondents Wilesmith reported the guerrilla war in Kosovo in 1998 and reported from the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, during the entirety of the NATO bombardment of Serbia in 1999. As one the ABC’s Middle East Correspondents between 1987 and 1991, reporting the Gulf War from Iraq and Saudi Arabia, entering Kuwait as it was liberated by Coalition forces. He began his international reporting career in the late 1970s in East Africa freelancing for the ABC, BBC Africa Service and British newspapers.

The Higher Research Degree candidates are complimented by adjunct professors from industry.

Matt Peacock

Adjunct Professor Matt Peacock is an award-winning journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he has worked for a wide range of TV and radio programs. He has been chief political correspondent for current affairs radio in Canberra, as well as foreign correspondent in London (2001-2003), Washington (1990-1992) and New York (1993).He is author of several books, including “Asbestos: Work as a Health Hazard” (ABC Books, 1978), “The Forgotten People- a History of Australia’s South Sea Islanders” (ABC Books, 1978), and more recently a history of the former Australian asbestos manufacturer James Hardie, “Killer Company” (HarperCollins, 2009), which is soon to become a dramatic mini-series.


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