New media occupy Wall Street 1

Police cordon off Wall Street

Twitter, Facebook, video streamingĀ  and web sites are theĀ  media weapons of choice of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. About a thousand people were today camped out in the Wall Street financial district in New York, demanding that the bankers who sparked the global economic crisis be brought to trial.

It was an all in protest. There was an African percussion band, old people, young people, punks with mohawks, native americans in suits, unionists, volunteer librarians running the people’s library, radical vegetarians and even a very strange man with crude tattoos and scars all over his visible body.

In the middle of the park, near the free food kitchen, they established a new media centre equipped with lap tops, digital cameras and recorders. More…


Fusing Journalism and Information Technology Reply

Journalism and Information Technology have been fused in a new Master of Computer Science and Journalism degree offered by Columbia University.

Columbia, based in New York, said the program aimed to help redefine journalism in a fast-changing digital media environment. Graduates could be employed as a:

  • Online editor/manager of information technology at a large news organization
  • Data-mining expert for journalistic applications and investigative journalism
  • Entrepreneur/founder of media startup
  • Web designer for news site