Who is Alan Knight? : an opinion on News Corporation 1

Error by omission is a frequent fault of journalists trying to balance concise writing against providing all the relevant information.

I am guilty of it myself sometimes.

This month, I was contacted by the Age and asked to write an opinion piece about the contest to secure the contract for the Australia Television Network, Australia’s voice to Asia. I wrote a piece which described the Network, currently managed by the ABC, as “pedestrian” . More…


Technology : Outsourced editing 2

Networks of outsourced sub-editors, linked by computers, could  edit most newspapers , according to Bruce Davidson, the CEO of Australian Associated Press (AAP).

In 1991, Davidson was a founder of Pagemasters,  now a subsidiary of AAP.  Pagemasters operations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK provided complete design, editing and production services for a range of metropolitan, regional and community newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines. It specialised in administering content online and on digital platforms.

It was this service which allowed Fairfax newspapers to outsource much of its sub-editing.