eJournalist : Women’s perspectives on communications culture Reply

eJournalist celebrates eleven years of publishing with an all women’s edition which examines communications culture.

The online journal, which is recognised by the Australian Research Council, provides free, open access to academic research. It aims to provide a global platform and a source for intellectuals interested in the future of journalism and communications.

This edition was edited by Dr Kasun Ubayasiri from Griffith University in Brisbane.

Volume Eleven Number One

Searching for a Feminist Voice: Film festivals and negotiating the tension between expectation and intent

Tess Van Hemert

Van Hemert presents some initial findings from a current major research project, highlighting the significance of particular festival programming of emerging female directors from developing nations.

Flagging Spaces: exploring representations of ownership on the Australian beach.

Liz Ellison

Since the majority of the population lives on the coastlines of the continent, the beach (rather than the Bush) plays an important role to many Australians. Yet the beach can also be a complex setting because of the often complicated concepts of ownership that surround it. ‘Flagging Spaces’ examines the layers of complexity surrounding textual representations of ownership of the beach space.

An obsession with storytelling: Conducting oral history interviews for creative writing

Ariella Van Luyn

This paper enters a dialogue with Hirsch and Dixon’s statement by documenting an interview methodology for a practice-led PhD project, The Artful Life Story: Oral History and Fiction, which investigates the fictionalising of oral history.

Eat, Pray, Loathe: Women’s Travel Memoir as Moving Metaphysical Journey or Narcissistic New-Age Babble?

Kate Cantrell

This paper considers the contentious space between self-affirmation and self-preoccupation in Elizabeth Gilbert’s popular travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love.


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