eJournals for academics 1

Academic publishing is an unnecessary burden on taxpayers in the age of the web, according to Oliver Hartwich, a research fellow at the right wing Centre for Independent Studies.
Writing in the Australian, Hartwich argued that many text journals were written and produced at Australian taxpayer expense, delivered to publishers, who then sold them to a very limited audience indeed. He might of added that the audience usually included the academics own libraries, which then bought the high price journals so that the academics fee paying students could have access to their ideas. Academics should publish online, he said.
I agree.
The refereed, online journal,eJournalist,which we produce, celebrates its tenth anniversary next year. It has an international board and if you check the sitemeter, a modest but widespread audience. Its connected to the Directory of Open Access Journals which references more than 4,000 journals.


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  1. You many also be interested in JURN, indexing over 3,500 free ejournals in the arts and humanities, inc many titles in media, communication studies, and media law. Just Google for "Jurn" – it's result No.1.

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