Multi Media Journalism at QUT Reply

Nothing beats a well written, original news story. But these days a good story also needs to be multi-layered with images, audio, television and hypertext.
QUT journalism staff met with industry experts to review the stream of online journalism subjects being rolled out for undergraduate students.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Acting Online News Editor, Stuart Watt said, “the challenge is to get them [student journalists] to think how best to tell a story [using technology]” They needed to understand that a story wasn’t just text, it was a combination of media. “As long as journalists can visualise the story”, he said, they could get experts create the sites.
The Editor of, Daniel Sankey said that the term “online journalists” should be abandoned. All contemporary journalists should be multi-skilled; to be able to take photos, as well as write and understand the basics of new technologies. But they still needed to get a good story first.
QUT students are introduced the issues and practices of journalism on the web in Digital Journalism. The subject sought to get students to look critically at existing web-sites and evaluate them as potential journalism sources.
Dr Lee Duffield said that Online Journalism 1 would get them producing material in a blog format. The students would use a purpose built site, Sub-Tropic which would cover events in south east Queensland.
Susan Hetherington said that Online Journalism 2 would develop multi-purposing, creating more sophisticated web based products. the empasis was on re-using, re-purposing, value adding, so that a story ca be told in many different ways.
Final year students would be able to enroll in projects, which might use the web for investigative journalism, niche issues such as fashion and site management.

Alan Knight


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