The expat life 3

You know you have been an expat in Hong Kong for too long when ;

• The smog clears and you look out your mid levels window and you see a place across the harbour, which your maid calls Kowloon
• Your children are speaking English with a Filipino accent
• You have to burn your photo albums when your Chinese ex-girlfriend is appointed as your CEO
• Your Chinese mistress dumps you for a CCP princeling, because his Ferrari is classier than your Beamer
• You stumble into a supermarket and find that some people still cook their own food
• You visit your mum at her place in Sydney at Christmas and you have an agoraphobic hissy fit when confronted by a tree
• You expect to have your underwear ironed
• You go to an Alumni dinner and learn that in Australia, people catch the bus to work
• You think that Lee Kuan Yew’s ideas about democracy are really quite sensible
• You hear the term “creative industries” and think it applies to Banking and the Law

Further suggestions would be appreciated.



  1. Too many to mention but here are some:You actually think about having a safari suit made.You get to like Lai Cha.You really stop worrying if you can’t remember even a pretty girlfriend’s name. There’s bound to be another one along and you had so many already.You buy the SCMP to see if you are in it.Your favourite way to spend a public holiday is home reading Private Eye or a hardback book.You get to like listening to Ray Cordiero.You think about joining the FCC.You groan when you have to leave HK Island.So many more….

  2. I hope to add some to your list maybe a few years down the road. Right now, I’m just hoping I can get in the place.Interesting blog… seems like you’ve been having a bit of trouble keeping it up though 🙂

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